•I prefer digital file transfers via internet. I use Dropbox but any file sharing site is fine.
•Accepted digital file types include AIFF, WAV, SDII (44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz @ 16, 20 or 24 bits).
•Please inform me of file type, kHz and bit rate.
•I will need the order of the songs preferably in the song title.
•I will need the highest resolution mixes you have. So whatever your project was recorded at would be the best. For example if your project was recorded at 96 kHz @ 24 bits, I would want a stereo 96 kHz @ 24 bits file.
•Prior to submittal, I prefer your mixes to not have EQ, limiting, or compression after they have been mixed. It is also my preference that if you are mixing within a DAW that you do not have any EQ, limiting, or compression on the master mix buss. If you feel your mix just doesn’t work with out modifying your mix’s dynamics and/or EQ please be sure to leave some headroom within your final mix for the mastering process.

Post Mastering
•I will upload the mastered files for you to download. This will allow you to listen to your masters in your preferred listening space for approval.
•If there are changes that need to be done the changes will be applied and sent to you for your approval. This will happen until we are all happy with the mastering.
•Once approved we will discuss how you would like delivery of your masters. I can mail you or your pressing plant a physical master. Or I can upload a DDP file for the pressing plant. I encourage you to get a phycial master so you can listen to it to be absolutely sure it is ready to go to the pressing plant.