Esopus #24 | Mastered
Goode Shade “Lunch” | Mastered
Stealers “Thin Ice” | Mastered
The Coal Creek Boys “The Wolf & The Bear” Classic Waxx Records | Mastered
Hey Cowboy EP| Mastered

Code Talkers “Patterns” | Mastered
Esopus 23 | Mastered
Cozy HawksEnd Era” | Mastered
Nervous Curtains “Low Defender EP” | Mastered
Nicholas Altobelli “Exit Polls” Single | Mastered
Mink Coats “Crashed Hits
Folk Road ShowFolk Road Show” | Mastered
The Single IssuesReckless and Pretty EP” | Mastered
StumptoneSpark” | Dreamy Life Records | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Lift to Experience Soon to be released remixed (by Matt Pence at The Echo Lab) and remastered “THE TEXAS-JERUSALEM CROSSROADS” | Tracked

Joshua Seymour “Rope Tied Hope” | Tracked, Mixed and Mastered
Brave Combo “The Liminal Zone” | Tracked and Mixed
Cory Patrick Coleman | “Gonna Find You” | Mastered
Brack Cantrell “Glancing Blow” | Mastered
Silo Road “Last Call Love” | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Pearl Earl “Karaoke Superstar” ep | Mastered
Coal Creek Boys “Out West” Classic Waxxx Records | Mastered
She Banshee “Postievil” | Mastered
The Warden “East Dallas” | Idol Records | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Coyotehead “EP1” | Mastered
Nicholas Altobelli “Searching Through That Minor Key” | Mastered

Breaker Bar | Mastered
Cirque du Horror | Mastered
Dove Hunter | Mastered
Daniel Markham “Pretty Bitchin,” | Mastered
Jimin Lee “Lasting Fragments” | Tracked, Mixed
The Paychecks | Mastered
Mink Coats | Mastered
RJV & Hell Country Revival “Three Ways From Sunday” (Lucky Buck Records) | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered

Pink Smoke “No Party” | Jolly Ronnie Records | Mastered
Esopus 18 | Mastered

Cozy Hawks ep | Mastered
Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers “Brown and Blue” | Mastered
Esopus 18 | Mastered
The Polyphonic Spree “What Would you Do” (Good Records Recordings) | Mastered
The Chloes “Vanish” | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Hawk vs Dove | Tracked & Mixed with Matt Barnhart
Sleepin’ Rattlers “Punkty & Wetsern Music” | Mastered

Chris Brokaw “Stories” 1 sided LP | Mastered
Deep Snapper “Bipedal Disorder” | Mastered
Esopus 17 | Mastered
Esopus 16 | Mastered
Flipside | Mastered
Guy Klucevsek “The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour” | Tracked, Mixed (songs with Brave Combo)
Last Joke Band ep | Mastered
New Fumes “Teeth of the Sun” (Good Records Recordings) | Mastered
Nervous Curtains “Wired to Make Waves /Something Sinister 7” | Mastered
The Polyphonic Spree “Its Christmas” (Good Records Recordings) | Mastered
Raised By Tigers “Reunion Parts” | Tracked, Mixed
Video “Leather Leather” (Play Pinball! Records) | Mixed
The Von Ehrics ”Two Foot Stomp” (Lucky Buck Productions)| Tracked, Mixed

Baby Atlas | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Brave Combo “Kikiriki” (Dentone) | Tracked, Mixed
Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers | Mastered
Da Di Da ep “The Crowbar Separation”
Delmore Pilcrow | Mastered
Deep Snapper “Pi On the Side” | Mastered
First Base 7” (Play Pinball! Records) | Mastered
It’s Native “It Is What It’s” | Tracked, Mixed
Larry Natwick “Be Right Back” | Mastered
Les Americains “Other People’s Lives” (Idol Records) | Mixed
Sarah Renfro  “You Should Be Somewhere Outside” ep | Mastered

Bosque Brown “Baby” (Burnt Toast Vinyl) | Mastered
Denton Denton USA “Denton Denton USA” (Play Pinball! Records) | Mastered
Esopus Magazine #12 (Black & White) | Mastered
Fred Hamilton “Afternoon of the Soul” | Tracked most, Mixed, Mastered
Fred Hamilton “The Calcutta Sessions” | Tracked some, Mixed, Mastered
Fred Hamilton “Peace in Time” | Tracked most, Mixed, Mastered
Monumental Sonic Architecture “Ruthless and Contagious EP” | Tracked, Mixed
Stumptone “Gravity Suddenly Released” (Works Progress) | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered

Deep Snapper “Into The Ugly” (edna Peppers Records) | Mastered
Monumental Sonic Architecture “Music To Rob Banks To EP” | Tracked, Mixed
Ricki Derek “Rick Derek” (Numbsville Productions) | Co-Tracked/Mixed
Shearwater “Rook” (Matador) | Co-Mixed
Vince Lujan Project “Echo Lab Sessions” | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered

Brave Combo “Polka’s Revenge” (Dentone) | Tracked, Mixed
Deep Snapper “A Drowning Man Can Pull You Under” (edna Peppers) | Mastered
The Demigs “Yardling” | Mastered
Robert Gomez “Brand New Townes” (Bella Union) | Tracked drums & Piano
Raised By Tigers “Led” (TXMF) | Mastered

Baboon “Secret Robot Control” (Wind Up Records) | Tracked, Mixed
Bassx “Thick” (Alamo Pipe Recording) | Tracked, Mixed
Black Frames “Solarallergy” (Fast Atmosphere) | Tracked, Mixed
Brasco “Don’t Worry… You’ve Been Wrong Before” | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Brave Combo “Let’s Kiss” (Dentone) | Tracked | Best Polka Album, 47th Annual Grammy Awards
The Calways “Starting at the End” (Red Label Records) | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Centro-Matic “The Static vs The Strings Vol. 1” | tracked mixed the song Repellant Feed
The Drams ” Jubilee Dive” (New West Records) | Assistant Engineer
Earl Harvin Trio “Unincorporated” (Two Ohm Hop) | Tracked, Mixed
Hairy Apes BMX “Expatriape” (Reapandsow, Inc) | Tracked, Mixed
Gropius “Songs for Walter” | Tracked, Mixed
Jet Screamer “ Star Head” (Bella Union) | Tracked, Mixed
Lift To Experience “The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads” (Bella Union) | Tracked
Lift To Experience “Falling from Cloud 9” | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Light Bright Highway “Moon Glory & the 7th Sun” (Two Ohm Hop) | Tracked, Mixed
Little Grizzly 7″ | Mastered
Mandarin “Fast> Future> Present>” (54˚ 40’ or Fight) Co-Tracked/Mixed
Mandarin “Driftline” (Two Ohm Hop) | Tracked, Mixed
Mazinga Phaser “Abandinallhope” (Idol Records) | Tracked, Mixed
Mazinga Phaser “Dissatisfied Customers Of Hallucination” (Idol Records) | Tracked Mixed
Mr. Resistor “Peace Day Resistance” (Auslander Music) | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Old 97’s w/ John Doe “Poor Little Knitter on The Road” Comp (Bloodshot Records) | Tracked, Mixed
Old 97’s “Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot Records” Comp (Bloodshot Records) Tracked, Mixed
Ohm “Voices” (Two Ohm Hop) | Tracked, Mixed
The Polyphonic Spree “Together We’re Heavy” (Good Records Recordings, Hollywood Records Inc.) | Tracked, Mixed Section 20 (Together We’re Heavy)
The Polyphonic Spree “Thumbsucker” Soundtrack (Hollywood Records) | “The Call of the Wild” | tracked
Stumptone “Stumptone” (Two Ohm Hop) | Tracked, Mixed, Mastered
Sub Oslo “Sub Oslo” 12” ep (Two Ohm Hop) | Tracked, Co-Mixed
Sonogram “Heartbeat Submarines” | Mastered
Tear Ceremony “Emulsion” | Mastered
Transona Five “melatonin bullet ep” (Sandwich Records) | Tracked, Mixed
Transona Five “Duffle Bag” (Sandwich Records) | Tracked, Mixed
Woodeye “Two For Flinching” | Tracked, Mixed
Yeti “Things To Come” (Two Ohm Hop) | Tracked, Mixed
Yeti “Volume, Obliteration, Transcendence” (Life is Abuse) | Tracked, Mixed