In the mid-90’s I started SBS Labs and then later 70 Hurtz recording studio in a bedroom in Denton, Texas. Finally, the confines of a house, roommate, neighbors and the occasional visit from Denton’s finest meant the time had come for a change. I moved my self and the studio out to 4 acres in Argyle, Texas just 10 minutes outside Denton. The studio was built from the ground up and consisted of a small mixing room, iso booth, and 16 x 22 tracking room. I recorded so many local Denton, Dallas and Ft Worth bands it was quite amazing. I was so busy I really couldn’t believe it. After 5 years of running and operating the studio alone my sanity was being pushed to its limits and the walls seemed to be closing in on me. Luckily for my sanity Matt Pence and Matt Barnhart were looking to relocate their studio back to Denton from St Louis. We agreed that friendly competition was not the way. A partnership was created. From that partnership The Echo Lab was born. A new 800 sq ft live room was added soon after.

From there I decided it was time for a life change. I moved to Austin and reignited my live engineering career. House gigs at The Mercury/Parish and La Zona Rosa soon turned into touring work with bands such as The Polyphonic Spree, Ray Lamontagne, St. Vincent and John Vanderslice. After a few years of touring I decided to move back to North Texas and get more involved in the partnership of The Echo Lab. However the road had taken over my life. Trying to align the schedules of my self, with two other engineers and trying to book a band with day jobs into The Echo Lab was virtually impossible. So finally after 7 years on the road I decided to call it quits.

So after helping bands make countless records, making even more amazing friendships and helping to make The Echo Lab the amazing place that it is today it is time for another change of course for me. 2017 has brought me and my family to Oregon to live. So it saddens me to say that my 17 year run with The Echo Lab has ended.  I have moved away from Argyle, The Echo Lab and have left the studio under the great ears of one of my former partners, friend and just all out amazing person Matt Pence. While I still love to make records not living next door to the studio makes that difficult. So I have decided to give mastering my full attention now. I’d love a chance to master your record that you have put your blood sweat and tears into.

David Willingham

If you have any questions please contact me.